Do you use your voice for long periods?

Does your voice fade or tire easily?

Do you want to improve your vocal ability and public speaking skills?

I provide sessions to individuals and groups who wish to improve their:
- voice (changes in the quality or pitch of the voice)
- vocal flexibility (projection and intonation)
- speech (articulating words and sounds, increasing clarity and fluency)

I hold sessions at the Albany Centre, St Albans.


1. Drink plenty of water

2. Reduce throat clearing – take a sip of water and swallow instead

3. Renew your breath and support your voice better by pausing more often

4. Avoid talking against loud background noise

5. Inhale steam from a bowl of hot water if your voice is tired or dry, and especially when you have a cold

6. Avoid dusty/dry/hot/smoky atmospheres

7. Relax and open up your whole vocal tract by merging a yawn into a sigh

8. Reduce the demands on your voice – don’t do all the talking, and give your voice a rest regularly!

9. Reduce dairy foods to lessen catarrh, avoid spicy foods to reduce acid reflux, cut down on dehydrating caffeine and alcohol and….stop smoking…

10. Smile when you’re on the phone!

For individuals, I offer an initial session with advice. If goals are identified and agreed, a number of sessions can be booked and followed at a later date by a review appointment. Appointments can be arranged at a variety of times including some Saturday mornings.

Group workshops are also available, please visit www.thealbanycentre.com for our programme of training courses.

My charge for April 2011 to March 2012 is £65 per hour (£110 initial appointment which is a combined assessment and therapy session).

For advice and help please contact:

Pippa Wilson
01727 834910


The Albany Centre
First Floor
4 Victoria Street
St Albans